Hello, I am Connie

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

     Firstly, welcome to my website, and thanks for taking the time to read this little section of it. Here, in just few words, I shall tell you about myself and the journey I’ve been on to get to where I am now. 

     Photography? Well, photography was always a constant in my life, it was that something that helped me go through all the ups and downs. My first camera was Kodak KE 35 mm (film camera) and my first exhibition was ,,Venice,, in 2003. In 2006 I purchased my first SLR camera. It was my hobby, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I began doing it on a professional level and everything started when I was offered one-year contract, as a scientific photographer at Municipal Hospital in Timisoara, Romania. It was one of the most interesting experiences in all my work as a photographer so far.

     My favorite photography accessory, other than my camera is the light. I rarely use anything but a camera and natural light.

     This website? A showcase of my journey so far ...


,,Ballerina,, is my best-selling photo, simple as that. 


A 12 years old girl, registered for painting classes at School of Art, fall in love with one of my photos. She asked if she can make a painting after it, and I said yes. This is the result. 🙂


Photo contest for West Midland Safari Park Calendar 2013. The name that appears is my maiden name:) If you want to see all the winning photos click here.

...few more things you might want to know...

     I was born in Timisoara but I grew up in Sibiu, Romania. I lived in Greece for 6 months, in UK for seven years and now I am living in Wien, Austria. Since February 2018 I've been married to an amazing guy, Liviu 🙂 We've met in 2011 and we've been together since 2015. We have a business together (we are technically two separate businesses under one name) and we have also founded an NGO. 

     My friends describe me as being a wise, kind soul, bubbly, intelligent, artistic, optimistic, open-minded, funny, creative, passionate, thinker, unique, well spoken, honest, loyal and very good outdoorsy skills. I love the most, people who follow their dreams no matter what others think or how much they try to stop them. My favorite actor is Blackie (Liam Neeson)  and my favorite movies are Singing in the Rain, My fair lady and Sound of music , but the amount of random movie knowledge I have would scare you.

     Want to know more? Ask me 🙂 

...and remember ... for whatever reasons you do good, keep on doing it ...