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Hello my friends,

     Firstly, thanks to the great feedback and love that I get on YouTube** and on my Facebook page, you really motivate me in what I am doing! If you haven't seen them yet, please visit them and let me know if you have any feedback 🙂 I can proudly say that today we are a group of wonderful and inspired individuals exploring, creating and learning together the world of photography. 

     As you already know, this content* is offered for FREE and I want to keep things that way. 

     My goal is to let people (young and adults) learn photography free of cost, without giving any money for costly photography classes. I would love to provide you with further resources such as articles and more videos on your choice of topic. Making one video requires a lot of time and resources (between 3- 5 hours per video!) but I love to do it for YOU! Honestly speaking, I am never going to produce viral videos on YT to produce millions of views to raise substantial revenue, as a passionate amateur photographer, it’s a small niche audience that I serve… and that’s you. Running a blog and/or a website cost resources (hosting, domain name, etc), take time, brainpower, equipment, etc.


     Consider a Donation to Keep Content Free    

...oh, and 10% of my income goes to a charity or project each month. More about that later. 

    This is completely optional and you are under no obligation to give me anything. The hope, though, is that the content of my site (or maybe some other interaction you've had with me) has provided you with such value that you want to give somehow, and if this is you case, I want to make it easy for you to do so.

     If you are able to contribute a donation to help cover the expenses that I have to keep the content free to all, I would greatly appreciate the support. You can place a donation of any size that you feel is appropriate.

Click,, I want to buy you a cup of coffee,, via PayPal (You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service) 

Disclaimer: The donation will go towards my operational costs. I have theming and plans in mind, though I accept ideas for tutorials, I cannot exchange your donation for tutorials that you are requesting due to my sponsorship schedule. Tutorial creation can take between 3 – 5 hours in production time from start to finish. I receive lots of suggestions and look to what is being requested by many to help influence tutorial decisions.  



     As I mentioned previously, 10% of my income is donated each month. To whom I choose to donate in a given month is somewhat random (it's who I decide to donate to that month), and whether it's an official non-profit organization isn't of particular concern, because I'm not doing it for the tax write-off. Instead, I do it for the sake of giving back. 

     What projects/organizations do I donate to? Here are a few:

     So, by helping me fund my projects, you'll also be helping me fund many other projects. 🙂


*content:   YT tutorials** (new YT channel from February 2019) YT videos are 6 - 8 minutes each to ensure your concentration on one topic ◊ (where applicable) videos contain examples to make your understanding easy ◊ our videos are tailored to beginners and intermediate level in photography  ♦  photography courses/seminars ♦ photography tips and advice for beginners ♦ photo editing tutorials ♦  one on one online photography lesson with me

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  • Siti Fitria Yonalia

    Very nice article right here and must be read, can i share it?

    • Consuela Vasies

      Yes, of course you can share it 🙂 Thank you

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