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Hello my friends,

Today I will write about the photographer Josh Newton, who created some of the most memorable wedding photos I have ever seen.

     Michael Wolber and April Hartley  wedding ceremony was scheduled for Saturday in Bend, Oregon, June 7, 2014. Everyone was ready for the wedding but before they could walk down the aisle, brush fires about six miles away churned into a giant wildfire.

     Firefighters told the crowd, as a precaution,  to evacuate – so following the ceremony, the reception was moved to a park out of harm’s way. While the guests, the caterers and other participants moved to the new location, the couple and the photographer Josh Newton decided to take some photos with the wildfire - grown to 6,000 acres - as a backdrop. A very inspired move if you ask me 🙂

     "It's terrible to be evacuated from your own wedding," said Lisa Clark, a fire information officer with the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center. "But it's a story for the rest of their lives and nothing that could be duplicated."

     "I don't think the firefighters would have allowed the extra few minutes if it had been that critical," Clark said.

     I will share with you some of these unforgettable, amazing, stunning images ... You did an amazing job Josh! I simply adore them and the fact that you took advantage of this unique circumstances ...For me is definitely a good lesson, thank you:)

To see the rest of the set, pay a visit to Josh's website by clicking HERE.

You can also find him on FB   

and you definitely have to stop by to see more of his work HERE 🙂

Image credits: All photographs by Josh Newton and used with his written permission. 

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