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       I am Connie. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

       I am a contradictory mix of silly and serious. Interested in all things, intellectual, spiritual, cultural,  terrestrial or from another dimension …and because I am a human being and I am a big child most of the time I can get easily distracted by beautiful love stories, someone’s smile, shiny things or a warm hug.

       I love reading those Random Things About Me notes on the Internet (because let’s face it, we’re all mega nosy!) even if I didn’t really know the person. So, here’s a list of 100 and something random facts about me and I hope this will give you a bit more insight into me and my life. 

  1. I’m a Virgo and even thou I know it doesn’t mean anything I love it 🙂
  2. I was offered a free tattoo for my 30th birthday. I declined. So, I have no tattoos …and no piercings.
  3. I love studying in libraries. It’s so quiet…and I love the smell of old books.
  4. I consume books at an extraordinary rate and love rereading my favorites over and over again. Hence, I have a lot of books. Probably too many.
  5. I would like to write a book someday.
  6. Although I have a lot of acquaintances and I’m very sociable, I keep my circle of friends small and I would drive days to spend time with any of them. . But they’re the real deal. Loyalty is major for me.
  7. I’ve never forgotten my closest friends, even those that opted against our friendship.
  8. First thing I would do if I won the lottery? Depends how much I won. Probably, in no particular order, I will pay off all my debts, help my friends, invest …build my dream house…
  9. I have three brothers. Two older, one younger.
  10. I’m 1.68m and 52 kg.
  11. My family is my first priority.
  12. I will always be a child at heart.
  13. I have a completely frustrating and uncontrollable blush response.
  14. I was a type of tomboy who liked getting dirty, playing with animals etc, but I also loved getting dressed up and looking girly and having tea parties!
  15. My favorite video game is Prince of Persia though I’m currently knee deep in the World of Warcraft. I also love to play Sim City and time management games.
  16. My favorite store to shop in is TK Maxx.
  17. My least favorite sweet is ice cream.
  18. I am a cake lover!
  19. I rarely (very very rarely) get bored.
  20. Most of the time, horror movies made me laugh.
  21. Love is way more important to me than sex.
  22. I only wear makeup when I absolutely have to.
  23. When I find a song I like, I’ll listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it.
  24. I’ve lived in three different countries: Romania, Greece and UK.
  25. I’m a night owl. Going to sleep at midnight is early for me. Maybe this is the reason why I am not a morning person :)))
  26. I hate thunder and lightning storms.
  27.  I like making lists.
  28. I swear. A lot.
  29. I am a terrible gardener [I kill with love] but I’m trying to improve. But my husband is pretty good and thanks to him we grow food in our balcony. Why balcony? Because we live in a flat and we don’t have a garden 😊
  30. I don’t have a favorite color. How can one choose? They are each so unique and powerful. But I do love the red, white and marine blue.
  31. I was an avid stamp collector/ philatelist and I still own a quite large collection. I have no idea if there is any valuable collection among it, but for me is childhood, spending time with my late father and sweet memories.
  32. I still love stuffed animals.
  33. I believe No one else can ever feel exactly what you do, nor can you feel anything else that someone else does.
  34. I love Asian food and Greek food in particular… but I like most foods …I will avoid Horseradish though if I can taste it.
  35. I once paid an exotic dancer to dance lap to my boyfriend at the time …was fun, believe me 😊))
  36. I was on the debate team for 2 years in college, and I can tell you for sure that I can win any argument against anyone.
  37. I talk A LOT but I am also a very good listener.
  38. I am deeply in love with Venice, it’s a love affair started 8 years ago
  39. I’ve never been stoned and I’ve never smoked weed
  40. I have no children, but I want to have five boys.
  41. If I have a daughter one day, I want to name her Emma. If I have a son one day, I want to name him George.
  42. I am pretty sure that two or three, of my kids, will be adopted <3 <3
  43.  My husband is an engineer and I am blonde ….you have no idea how many jokes fly around the house all day long 😊)))))))
  44.  I played a LOT of sports as a child.  My three main sports were handball, tennis, rowing in high school.
  45.  I don’t judge people according to their appearance
  46.  I love to ride my bike!
  47. I hate when people ask me if I could kill someone…to be honest I don’t now … I would say,, for sure no,, but life gave me few very hard lessons so I learned the meaning of ,,never say never,, …I do pray that I will never be put in such a situation…
  48. I’m a natural dark brown, even though I can’t see myself anyway else than blonde.
  49. I have zero patience.
  50.  I hate equally being lied to and being ignored.
  51.  I kinda suck at keeping in touch with people.
  52.  I play piano.
  53. I used to want the biggest wedding ever…now I want a small one and a reception of a lifetime.  It won’t be small but it will be relaxed and fun.  
  54. I hate driving fast and avoid as much as possible driving in big cities …it scares me
  55. I sing constantly (when at home or in the car), but I still can’t figure out if I’m any good at it … … actually I know, but I can’t stop it…I am enjoying myself way too much…: )))
  56. The smell of a forest after a night of rain is the scent of heaven to my nose.
  57. I have always enjoying, packing, living out of a suitcase and staying in hotels.
  58. …and I adore camping 🙂 
  59. I wouldn’t trade myself for anyone else
  60. Something you’re saving up for?  My live-in personal masseuse.
  61. I love IKEA. And thank goodness for it.
  62. I love cotton candy even if I look kinda goofy when I eat it : )))
  63. I LOVE SURPRISES! (As long as they’re good ones)
  64. When I’m in love, oh darling, I’m all in, heart and soul.
  65. I am a completely hopeless romantic. Utterly hopeless… I believe in hope, dreams and decency, love tenderness and kindness. I believe in mankind. I love fireplaces, wine, candles…
  66. I think it’s odd that people say they can’t go to yoga classes because they’re not flexible. That’s like saying you can’t take piano lessons because you can’t play the piano.
  67. I don’t like Coca Cola and I do not eat at Mc Donald or KFC
  68. I’ve been told for most of my life that I’m too sensitive and that I worry way, way too much about things. It is my worst quality. I hate it but I love it in the same time … this is just me, but I’d rather care too much than not care at all.
  69. I have expensive taste. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the funds to match
  70. My father was a truck driver
  71. I love pillow fights
  72. I don’t believe in love at first sight.
  73. I have three favorite blankets – Binky, Snowy and Blackie.
  74. First time I ride a roller coaster was in 2018!!!
  75. I hate doing dishes only slightly less than scrubbing toilets
  76. I can spend countless hours organizing things so that it looks like the way I want.
  77. I hate losing and am ultra-competitive in most things I do. 
  78. I don’t like football and curling …I simply don’t get it …
  79. My instincts about people and situations are usually spot-on. It almost scares me sometimes.
  80. I’m passionate about music and have a pretty diverse taste 
  81. I never had a music box… and I always wanted one 🙂 
  82. I love country music
  83. I believe that animals have souls, I love them intensely and believe strongly in animal rights.
  84. I am very worried about the future of our planet.
  85. I love big cities, but I can’t imagine living in any of them …just visiting as a tourist
  86. I don’t know if I can say that I am a superstitious person, but when salt spills, I throw it over my left shoulder.
  87. Wishing wells, shooting stars and Ladybugs are magical and I always wish upon them…ok…I am superstitious ….
  88. I still make wishes when I blow out the candles.
  89. If I have the opportunity I hide my chocolate, so I don’t have share it with anyone.
  90. I have never broken a bone nor do I have any allergies.
  91. I was in hospital once, for almost a month because of physical exhaustion …had 2 jobs and doing every night volunteer work in a nigh shelter for more than 8 months.
  92. Sometimes I’m motivated and sometimes I’m not. And it really depends upon the five Ws — Who, What, When, Where, or Why.
  93. I love being me …imperfect as I am 😊
  94. My motto: Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed
  95. I really enjoy going to art galleries, especially ones with photography on display.
  96. I am late almost everywhere I go unless it’s work, a flight or a train, and even then I’m usually cutting it close. This is why, if I get to choose, I always book flights, trains, buses or boats late in the afternoon or early night … If I have a flight at 4 am I won’t sleep at all …
  97.  I LOVE road trips! It is my dream to take a road trip across the U.S. one day.
  98.  I always walk around with a notebook and pen in my bag just in case inspiration hits me…but if for any reasons I don’t have a paper around, I write and draw directly on my skin or clothes …
  99. Autumn is my favorite season. In my opinion it’s the perfect season. The colors during this time of year are stunning. I think summer is too hot ( I hate sweating ) and humid. Spring too cool and rainy, and winter too dead and cold.
  100. I believe in aliens and ghosts.
  101.  My hands and feet are always cold.
  102. My favorite season as far as clothes go is fall/winter. I love sweaters and boots and scarves and hats. 
  103. I wear glasses since I was 7.
  104. Seeing Julio Iglesias in concert was one of the best experiences ever. Was also on my Bucket list.
  105.  My IQ is 142.
  106.  I have a really hard time relaxing, but I’m working on it!
  107.  I love coffee …I NEED a cup of coffee in the morning to be nice 😛
  108. I’m right handed
  109. Last time I had a TV in my house was almost 15 years ago. I do watch online special events (sport, social, etc)…but that’s kinda it. I don’t watch TV – at all. But I enjoy going to the cinema with my lover and I usually pick out movies with a twist. I want the endings to surprise me, happy or not.
  110. I would love to have a dog, but for now I don’t have time (nor space) to take care of one.
  111. Blackie (Liam Neeson) was my first celebrity crush. I am still in love with him …😊 …and yes, my husband knows that and have nothing against it 😛
  112. I love museums.
  113. I love to swim but don’t particularly like swimming in water I can’t see through. It just creeps me out.
  114. Love the sea and I can watch it for hours but to sit in the sun to get tanned seems boring … 
  115. I love to travel and plan to visit every country in the world.
  116. My curiosity for learning is insatiable.
  117. I do not trust modern doctors or the medical industry.
  118. I’m a great listener but if I get passionate about the topic, please expect frequent interruption.
  119. I love black olives.
  120. I would eat Greek salad and Cesar salad all day long.
  121. My favorite movie of all time is ,,Singing in the rain,,
  122. Some of my favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory, Grim, Fringe, TWD and The Mentalist.
  123. Some of my favorite animated movies are Ice Age and How to train your Dragon.
  124. I’m a natural-born detective and love solving mysteries
  125. I love apples … Crispin, Jonagold and Golden Delicious in particular
  126. I really enjoy creative and personal gifts [thoughtful], even if they cost nothing.
  127. I cannot eat melon and watermelon …cannot even stand the smell
  128. I have a really hard time falling asleep at night. I can’t shut my brain off! 
  129. My dream vacation? …Maldive 🙂
  130. I’m the least-jealous person in the world.
  131. When I cook I often pretend that I am hosting my own show ….don’t laugh …if I don’t do that I get bored ….really bored …I love eating but I hate cooking. I’m a horrible cook. I’m actually the worst cook ever … My mother bought me a deep fryer and the first time I’ve used it I have burned the potatoes ….. this is  called talent ! : ))) 
  132. I stopped caring what people thought about me some time between three and six years ago. It’s been pretty great ever since.
  133. I hate to say I hate something, but, well, I really hate it when people say unnecessary mean things against others and mean it…especially when that happens to me. I don’t get that kind of mentality of intentionally hurting someone.  It’s cruel and I immediately think, karma dude, karma.
  134. I try to live my life as honestly as possible. I have always strived to do what’s right, but it doesn’t always happen that way.
  135. I have a variety of random interests, and I am always loving to read stuff about science, nutrition, philosophy, psychology, etc. I often read (and enjoy!) things that are completely opposed to everything I believe.  I actually enjoy challenging my own beliefs because it forces me to think long and hard about why I believe a certain way.
  136. I feel there are not enough hours in a day.
  137. I have some regrets, but I know I can’t change the past. 
  138. If I could wear high heels every day I would but my lifestyle calls for sneakers and that’s ok.
  139. I’ve learned that it takes more courage to admit to feeling vulnerable than it does to deny it but it feels so much better once you do.
  140. I have moved 17 times in my life. Literally …
  141. I like both red and white wine but prefer white.
  142. I’ve been invited twice on TV …each time on LIVE shows
  143. I would love to own a small country house, surrounded by a beautiful forest and also have a river or a lake nearby.
  144. I don’t always feel like a grown-up.
  145. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.
  146. I loved to climb trees when I was a kid.
  147. I like to go fishing as long as I don’t catch anything.
  148. I wish I was a ninja. 
  149. I hate working out. I do it. 6 days a week. But I hate every single second of it. 
  150. I love french fries. I’m addicted. It’s a problem. 
  151. I don’t give compliments unless I feel that you truly deserve it.
  152. I search for meaning and purpose, even in small things.
  153. Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder…
  154. And I spend a lot of time on such things that no one ever cares about.
  155. if I could have just one wish … that all my wishes come true: no poverty, peace, no disease, love everywhere
  156. I hate ignorance and dumbness
  157. My idea of perfect happiness?  Warm day, a yacht, a good book, mixed sun and cloud, no deadlines in sight, healthy, a glass of wine, my husband next to me reading the newspaper.
  158. my favorite flowers are snowdrops, orchids and Edelweiss
  159. Consuela meaning and name origin:  it is of Spanish origin, and the meaning is “consolation, comfort, hope, solace”. From the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, meaning “Our Lady of Consolation”. 
  160.  I shaved my head in 2010
  161. I love Irish and Texan accent 
  162. I’ve learned the most from… the painful parts of life.  Not that I’m requesting replays of any sort …
  163. I’ve never been stoned, and I’ve never smoked weed
  164. Which words would your friends use to describe you? …well, my friends said I am… (my comments follow).
    • Fun (true)
    • Thoughtful (most of the time)
    • Talented (some of the time)
    • Passionate (gets me in trouble more than I would’ve thought).
    • Honest (too honest …not good)
    • Intelligent (define intelligent)
    • Adventurer (yeeeeeeees)
    • Vulnerable (well, I have my moments)
    • Classy 😀
    • Supportive (always)
    • Helpful (as much as I can)
    • Nonjudgmental (I do my best)
    • Not Embarrassed To Be With You (always proud of my friends no matter their background, studies or financial situation) 
    • Respectful (I just treat them and other the way I would like to be treated) 

     Well, there ya have it! I’m sure I could go on…but I know this is a long enough list as it is. Truthfully, this doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it’s all real and all me. Thanks for getting all the way to the end and I do hope this was fun to read. If you truly made it through this list, please leave me a comment below. Make sure you also leave a random fact about yourself 🙂

Are we friends now? :))

Have a blessed day!


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